The Right Balance between Architect and Interior Designer is Important
February 15, 2018

Constructing a beautiful living space is all about style, the design, being obsessive about a few rules and sometimes defying norms, at times going beyond the orthodoxies and more often than not creating a vision. Hang on, does it sound way too intellectual? Of course, it does, as it should be. Apparently, a fine design is a form of storytelling. Yes, the overall design should be able to communicate a theme, the aspirations and values coherently.

So, should you look for the top architects in Mumbai, make sure, you look at their designing sensibility. Now, should you ask what’s the heck is the sensibility? It takes just simple plans drawn on a piece of paper or on a computer screen using Viacom. Ah… Nah… That is just what it looks from the outside, but the real work goes on finding the right space utilization technique.

The following are the fantastic five things you should consider before you hire an architect

  1. First of all, you have to decide how much you can spend on the renovation because that would set the course of the project. As you know, there is no free lunch in the world
  2. You have to look at the plausibility of your designing idea; you might go imaginatively extravagant, but is that possible? You have to look at it from a practical standpoint
  3. Now, you have to look at the time duration for the project. It is going to take time certainly; therefore define the time frame
  4. Find the architects in Mumbai, check out their portfolio and hire one according to your budget
  5. The renovation process is messy; therefore discuss the demolition process, and how it would affect your home.

Many people have this notion that architect is more important than the interior designer. That is a false idea because there must be a clear communication between the two at the designing stage so that the layouts are properly laid.

An interior designer always looks at the deficiencies of the space and tries to maximize the space utilization according to the particular design idea and characteristics. You can find a lot of interior designers in Mumbai, but what differentiates the good from the bad is their individual approach.

And the approach depends on their specific idea about design; then again, someone comes out and says — Huh — the idea varies and creates a conflict between the designer’s idea and architect’s notion. Well, that’s right! But can we find a common ground? There should be an understanding between the two experts.

And only a designing firm with a set of defined values can provide experts who can operate collaboratively, yet maintain their uniqueness, and that is what creativity would mean in the practical sense where ideas coincide and create a synthesis to culminate in a coherent whole.

So, make sure, you choose the designing firm wisely after thorough analysis; of course, it has to be critical and rational.

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