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Blue Arch Architects & Interiors has carved a unique niche in the market where impeccable design constantly meets expectation. With a dedicated team of talented and very approachable designers, the practice has grown into one of the most successful companies in its field.

Choosing the Right Architect and Interior Designer


We know that selecting the right architect for your project is one of the biggest decisions you will make. To help you decide whether we might be right for you, here are a few reasons past clients have given for choosing – and recommending – us.

  • We communicate well, give peace of mind and are easy to work with
  • We have gainedplanning permission for new houses, extensions and commercial buildings, particularly in greenbelt, Conservation Areas and in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in India.
  • We work withlisted buildings and relish the challenges that they present
  • Our modern,energy-savings designs are tailored to each client’s current and future needs, lifestyle, aspirations, budget and site.
  • Our state-of-the-art3D design approach not only helps clients visualise the end design, (including where their furniture will go and where the sun and shadows will fall), it also speeds up construction and reduces the risk of expensive errors and changes on site
  • We control thefinancial risk on our projects to help clients manage their building budgets and make well informed decisions
  • A Senior architects in mumbai is involved at every stage of every project to ensure that the design doesn’t get ‘diluted’ during construction
  • The video-conferencing tools we use to hold ‘virtual’ meetings give clients maximum flexibility to manage their time
  • We are anIIA and IIID Members, meaning we have in place appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance, an effective quality management system, and comprehensive health and safety and environmental policies

We hope the above gives you the confidence to consider contacting us about your project. We will happily discuss your requirements with you and, if we feel we can help, will arrange to come and see you.

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Blue Arch Architects & Interior designers in Mumbai prides on building a strong relationship with clients and continuously aim to exceed their expectations. Practicality works seamlessly with delivering the most stylish of home Interiors.
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