A wall of appreciation !

A tribute to the outstanding work of the Front Liners during the pandemic                    




The outbreak of the pandemic had affected the whole world and had shut it down for almost a year now. People were confined to step out of the house as a precautionary measure against this pandemic. Still, so many people were affected due to this deadly virus. 


While everyone was at home, our front liners were fighting this virus day and night. They were under anomalous and immense pressure that was putting a toll on their mental and physical health. They still managed to fight this virus with all dedication and willingness, sacrificing their family, sleep, and health. From doctors to policemen, nurses, janitors, everyone was at the forefront in fighting this pandemic.   


To appreciate this tireless service of these Covid warriors who were continuously working to bring the pandemic under control and administer treatment to all, Project Mumbai initiated a public project. This project was a collaboration of an NGO with Central and Western Railways, where there were railway stations to be painted creating India's biggest public gratitude art installment. There were students from 6 different schools who actively participated in this project. 


The project was initiated by Bluearch, under the guidance of Mrs. Asha Vengurlekar along with her husband Ar. Ateet Vengurlekar (an ex-student of SXBA and a member of IIID) and the whole team. Ar. Rupali Vaidya, a member of Project Mumbai selected a few of the drawings submitted by the students. These selected paintings were chosen to be painted on distinctive walls at the railway station. There were 4 boys who were chosen to volunteer for this project that was mentored by Mrs. Radha Shukla (Primary Section), who assisted them with the art to be drawn at the railway stations.




The students were recognized for displaying their simple act of volunteering at the NGO. Special wishes to Mrs. Asha Vengurlekar for involving the boys in this social work.


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